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COMPEX Wireless: the ultimate electro muscle stimulator with ?No Limits? in time and places of use, in frequency, in performance, in online support and with contemporary design. It offers e-stim users true freedom of movement and optimal ease of use. The COMPEX Wireless acts as a true coach with a training web interface offering an unlimited number of standard and personalized objectives. Never before have we developed a device that meets your needs at such a high level.




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Compex Charger (683016)
Compex Electrodes 2x4 (42216)
Compex Rechargeable Battery (941210)
Compex SP 4.0 Wireless (2536660)
Compex SP 8.0 Wireless (2539660)
Compex Snap Cables (601131)
Electrode Gel 250g (602048)
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